ECD Lax Rebel Offense Head Only

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This one is for the rebels. For those who carve their own path and turn heads when they step on the field. For the players who are always a threat on offense and aren't afraid to mix it up on defense. The Rebel Offense is designed to give you the power and control you need to dominate on both ends of the field. 



I recently had a request to do a complete ECD Rebel Offense with custom strings, and an ECD Carbon 2.0 shaft. At the time I was using an Epoch Z1 with a Dragonfly 9 shaft and I gotta say... this came pretty close. It is light but felt solid, it looked pretty sick, and by copying Greg from ECD in his stringing tutorial, the Rebel Offense held the ball really well! Would I use this? Hell yes I would! 

I  always wondered how the Rebel Offense would differ from the Rebel Defense and now I know. It is narrower at the top of the stick and the side walls are thinner. This helps to hold the ball better I reckon. The guys at ECD Lacrosse have done a great job with this stick!

EDIT: I liked it so much I use this as my main stick now. I am rocking a Black Rebel O with Carolina Blue Hero Mesh and White Strings with an ECD Carbon 2.0 shaft! I love this combo!