About Us

At aussielaxgear.com.au we believe in trying to do the best we can for the sport of lacrosse in Australia and other nations in our region. Many of our target market have been buying gear from North America and having it shipped at huge cost and at times wait periods. 

Our aim is to stock as much equipment as we can in Australia from as many brands as we can. We opened with one brand on board in July 2019 and our aim is to bring all brands to Australia at comparable prices and decreased shipping times with the aim of growing the game.

I hear all the time the ultimate question at lacrosse clubs... where can I buy some gear? Well, we have answered that timeless question and can now answer... Get your gear at aussielaxgear.com.au. The more support we get, the more support you get. Simple as that.

Once we have met our goal regarding brands, pricing and shipping, our next goal will be supporting the lacrosse community in other ways that will be brought to light when the time comes. But our plans are big. They are not affiliated to any country, state or club. They are affiliated to lacrosse.

Buy your gear from aussielaxgear.com.au. Hel[p us support you by supporting us. It's a match made in heaven!