Who is Epoch Lacrosse?

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For many Aussies, Epoch Lacrosse might appear to be some unknown brand of lacrosse equipment. But for many keen eyed lacrosseurs, the would recognise the Epoch Lacrosse adverts seen on ESPN during the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships.



I watched many of the games during these championships and became very familiar with the music and the brand. So familiar in fact that when we decided to investigate the prospect of selling lacrosse gear online from Australia, Epoch Lacrosse was one of the first brands I reached out to.

Epoch Lacrosse is not some flash in the pan company. 

The first person to respond to me was an Epoch Lacrosse representative. Ryan Hurley, a quick check on linkedin reveals an experienced lacrosse background. Ryan had played college lax at Cornell University, as well as pro lacrosse for Chesapeake Bayhawks and Charlotte Hounds. Ryan has been with Epoch Lacrosse since 2010 and has shares in the company so he has skin in the game. 

But the majority shareholder of Epoch is James Miceli whose connection to Australia extends beyond selling lacrosse equipment. James is an Adelphi University alumni. He played from 1996-1999 winning the Division II titles in '98 and '99. 

The sales guy appointed to deal with me is also an Adelphi alumni. Joe Vitale played at Adelphi as well as the Charlotte Hounds and New York Lizards. You can see him here shooting at 111 mph or 178 kmh (Just a tip, Paul Rabil threw 111 mph to hold a world record).


Adelphi has a long history with Australian lacrosse players. The following Aussies have played at Adelphi (apologies in advance to any missed):

  • Gordon Purdie 
  • Mark Mangan 
  • Matt Price
  • Matt Schomburg
  • Stephen Mortimer
  • Danny Blau
  • Michael McInerney
  • Wes Green 
  • Trent Machner
  • Gordon Purdie Jnr
  • Jeff Melsopp
  • Kim Delfs
  • David Toy

So in a roundabout way, it makes sense for Epoch Lacrosse to makle inroads to the Australian marketplace. 

A quick search shows Epoch Lacrosse has experienced significant growth since it's beginnings. In fact a news article just last month suggests Epoch Lacrosse is hoping to produce $15 million in annual revenue... that's a lot of gear!


 And before you ask if it's any good... and taking into account that this brand is run by lacrosse players for lacrosse players... just do a search of Zack Dorn. Or just watch the video below...

So why Epoch Lacrosse. They share the same values. They love the game. They want the game to grow. And they jumped at the chance to help grow the game in Australia.

And on that note... I am signing off! Why Epoch Lacrosse... why not? #LivePlayBe

Keep chasing those groundballs!


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