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While 2020 is not shaping up to be the big year of lacrosse they were hoping for, is proud to announce that one of Australia’s most successful clubs, has become the next club to be sponsored by the growing, Australian based, lacrosse equipment supplier.

The Woodville “Warriors” Lacrosse Club is a western suburbs team in Adelaide, based at Findon. Established in 1899, The Warriors have a long and proud history. The men's team, under both Port Adelaide Lacrosse Club and Woodville have won 15 State League premierships. Woodville have had some periods of great success such as the period between 1949 and 1960 where the Port Adelaide team played in 10 Grand Finals, winning just 4. Then in the period of 1997 to 2009 Woodville played in another 10 Grand Finals, this time winning 8 premierships including a phenomenal 5 in a row from 1998 - 2002.

“On a personal note it feels a bit bizarre to be sponsoring Woodville as I had many great battles with their strong team in the 2000’s and I remember losing to Woodville in 2007 and it hurt… a lot!” says Peter Greenhalgh from “But being a bit older and wiser I can look at that now and appreciate just how good they were. Woodville, even today, continues to carry that Warrior attitude that makes them a tough opponent. To be able to support a club with such a fantastic history is one of our business' proudest days. And the support we have had from many of the Warriors members has been so appreciated it is great to be able to return the favour.”   

The current season is on  hold around the country, however with the fantastic results continuing to come in Australia wide, let's hope the end of the restrictions are near and seasons can commence as soon as it is safe!

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