6v6 Olympic Lacrosse trial match - Really?

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The Australian Lacrosse Association held 2 6v6 trial games on Wednesday at the Glenelg Lacrosse Club in South Australia. One mens and one womens. Now from what I understand, this 6v6 game is the proposed game structure for lacrosse if it ever makes the Olympics. I don't completely understand the reason why the format of our great game has to change. But if adjustments need to be made then exhibitions like this must continue.

The changes are as follows:

Image from Lacrosse SA TV Facebook Page

Before I continue, I will note that this blog will focus on the men's game and I apologise in advance for not watching the women's game however I suspect the comments will reflect appropriately for both.

I note that at the time of writing, I am looking at an advertisement for the game that includes the logos of:

  • World Lacrosse (formerly known as the Federation of International Lacrosse)
  • Australian Lacrosse Association
  • Lacrosse South Australia

and then both 

  • Lacrosse SA TV, and;
  • Australian Lacrosse Network

The link to the games are below.

The structure of the men's game was a USA All-Star team that was topped up with SA boys Todd Bartlett and Kody Watts, both from Glenelg, versus the SA contingent of the Australian Indoor Lacrosse Team travelling to Canada in September.

When I first heard about the structure I was disappointed to say the least. I could not understand why we had to change our great game to fulfil the whims of an elite few at the top who probably don't appreciate the history and culture that lacrosse has developed not over a few years, but hundreds if not thousands of years.

So I sat down with my kids with eggs on toast for dinner and we watched lacrosse on TV via Facebook and Google chrome whilst we ate (which in itself is cool). 

What I witnessed was a fast, high scoring game of lacrosse that may not have had the big hits that traditional lacrosse can include, but had highly skilled athletes passing and shooting the nut around like it was an extension of their body. For the first senior trial of the game, that I know of, I was impressed. 

Todd Bartlett linked well with Jack Knight, MVP for the game, and created many transitional scoring opportunities and Jesse Whinnen for the Aussies scored 8 in what was a really entertaining event. 

The men threw in a 5th quarter to see what the game was like if 1x long pole was included. It was a twist thrown in at the end but I think it needs further investigation. I can see the long pole being used to nullify a damaging player and it can increase the thinking and strategy of the game. Given further time I think it could be an important key to the game.

All things considered I give the game a thumbs up and would love to see more. The commentator called the game lax-crosse which I personally don't like but would love to see what you can come up with.

Well done to the Glenelg Lacrosse Club for hosting and everyone involved in getting this done, including the telecast, great work! 


That's it for now... keep chasing those groundballs!

Mens Game

Womens Game


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