Epoch iD Jnr Vision Complete Lacrosse Stick - Review

Posted by Peter Greenhalgh on

The Epoch iD Jr Vision is a fantastic factory option for the U8 and U11 junior boy. Many clubs these days, particularly in SA, are giving away a free stick upon payment of the juniors first set of club fees. This is a great initiative and one that solves a problem that I see in that lacrosse equipment has not been readily available in Australia.

However these sticks are often budget options where the stick is a full size mens stick that is bought on cost and not on suitability. And this makes sense as the club wants the new junior to stick around but they often can not afford to get anything other than the cheapest option.

This stick is made for the under 8 - under 11. I will explain how.

This stick is made up of 3 parts.

  • 1 - The head - this is a factory strung iD Vision head engineered for the under 15 player or intermediate. It is perfect for players of all ages and meets all standards required to play lacrosse in Australia. What this means is that when the under 8-11 gets older. They can keep using the weapon they have learned to play with
The iD Vision is a full size head 
Engineered as an offset head gives the U8-11 the same advantages as the older players 
  • 2 - The Shaft - the iD Jr Vision is an alloy shaft that is smaller in size to a normal shaft. Below, you can see the difference in size when compared to a full size Attack/Mid 30 inch shaft. This is great for the under 8 as he has smaller hands and so the shaft is easier to grip and manoeuvre whilst he is learning the skills of the game.
When compared to a Dragonfly 9 you can see the id Jr Vision alloy shaft is much thinner.

The iD Jr Vision is much smaller which is perfect for smaller hands

  • 3 - A spacer - this part of the stick is not a common piece on a mens lacrosse stick. It is purpose made for the iD Jr complete so the smaller shaft can fit in the neck of the head to ensure a perfect fit.  

      The iD Jr Vision compete is a great alternative to chopping down a full size stick. In fact as an under 8 coach myself, I believe these smaller shaft sticks should be the norm. I have let my under 8, the Lach Monster, use the stick. His ball control improved significantly and therefore, so did his enjoyment.

      We attempted about of a vlog... pretty much amateur hour in quality but a bit of fun! Hopefully we can continue to do them and learn how to do them better so the quality gets better! You can see it below. He will let you know what he thought and demo it's use.

      That's it from me. As always, keep chasing those groundballs!

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